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Carrière - Formation - Placement
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    Problems: My personal experience as socio-economic agent and as training counsellor for the qualified unemployed, the last recession, modernization, companies reorganization vis-à-vis the markets globalization led me to note the following effects on the real situation of qualified unemployed:

  • 1.1- There are more and more qualified unemployed. Only at The Sécurité du Revenu in Québec around 11%, 47,000 recipients,available and suited to work are university and cegeps graduates.(Source: Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité). If we added the employment insurance recipients, the qualied layoff workers, and the qualified non-recipients,this percentage should be more in the 20-25% of the total manpower available without work.

  • 1.2-In 1994, in spite of general rate of placement of 88%,hardly 38% of university graduates found an established post depedent on their academic formation.(source: Education Ministry:What does it occur to our university graduates ? See table *1)

  • 1.3There is a vacuum between the supplemented studies and the labour market whenthere is no more employment for the graduates who want to remain in the same field of competence or to be readjusted. It is into the same for the skilled workers fired without employment who want to remain in the same field of competence. For the graduates qualified without employment, perhaps they were likely to make a training course not remunerated or remunerated as student without more. For the qualified fired workers, perhaps they were likely to take part in a formation of recycling. But more often it was about reorientation of career and not of readjustment or maintenance and development of competences.

  • 1.4- One invests many resources for not-qualified, or little qualified unemployed which have a secondary V or less. The preparatory training with employment exists much more to help those without employment to qualify itself for a specific work than to maintain and develop skills for qualified unemployed. The program call "Paie" is a good example, we hire and we train. The employer is subsidized on a part of the trainee wage.

  • 1.5 There exists little or few measurements of employment preparation training which include the whole qualified unemployed, not only university graduates and cegeps, but also layoff qualified workers.Measurements of recycling surely exist but they often implies reorientation of a career instead of a reajustement.Career Edge a concept which preparatory to the employment copied on the concept CFP ressources humaines is reserved to the university and cegeps graduates primarily.

  • 1.6-There be a crowd of training programs well structure for the worker in employment to qualify himself and put up to date their competence but nothing for the unemployed qualified who want to maintain or develop their competence to himself prepare for the working market.These programs of setting up to date of competences excellent besides, seem to give the anticipated results.

  • 1.7-- The creation of jobs is a complex phénomene. In spite of a sustained high growth of the economy, exports, profits of the companies, we nevertheless attend dismissals of qualified personnel.

    Statistics: Rate of university graduates: (TABLE *1) 1989 1994 Category 95% 88% general rate 83% 72% partial time 70% 58% permanent 73% 68% partial time employment related to their academic formation 53% 38% permanent employment related to their academic formation *Statistics: Rate of university graduate3s: (NOTE) ref: (Mode d’emploi-Radio- Quebec) - Ministry of Education du Quebec Does the fact of being a qualified graduate insure you a remurative and motivate job in our today modern economy ? Always: 9% Often: 45% Seldom: 36% Never: 4% Without opinion: 6% ref: World Wide Net Opinion(maison de sondage) - Videotron- march 1998

    2.00- Following the reports of few flexible, effective and inexpensive measures concrete to answer the real needs of qualified unemployed and the companies, CFP resources humaines+ decided to propose a private program of training courses of maintenance and development of competences. This formation continues wants to be preparatory at the labour market. It wants to be a prolongation of what do the universities, the colleges, private institutions of formation. It wants to be also a complement so that make the professional orders such as the professional orders of the doctors, the actuaries, the approved accountants, the engineers, the bar of Quebec, the advisers in labour relations and different in continuous training. It wants to be a mean to fill the vacuum which exists between the end of the studies for the qualified graduates and a first experiment on the labour market. It wants to be also also a means to fill the vacuum for the qualified layoff workers who have relevant experience or a mixture of training and experience and work market.

  • 2.1 Description of the services offered to qualified unemployed and the companies during the project:

    This experiment project " Experience-Carrière " consist in offering to all qualified unemployed the possibility to make a training course in a company to maintain and develop their competences during that period of non-employment while in the mean time transforming the welfare or employment insurance benefits in subsidy wages to companies and to qualified unemployed.

    We train and possibly we hire instead of hiring and training. The only obligation of the company will be to give an additional training to qualified unemployed centered on pratical experience. This company in growth should hire in priority for a permanent or contractual job this qualified trainee to fullfill her production needs.

    2.2- Targeted Clientèle:
    For qualified unemployed, one hear non only universities, cegeps, private institutions but also qualified layoff workers with experience or self-training experience

    A-Services offered to qualified unemployed:

  • Job search (career assessment, career potential,determination of career objectives job search session,information job interview, curriculum vitae preparation)
  • Registration in trainee bank available for companies. Placement in the compagny. Analyze and prepare of the training course according to a mutual need and its advances for career.Realization and follow-up.

    B- Services offered to the companies are:

  • To request the companies, to explain the concept and the benefits according to needs' for the entreprise.Benefits transformed into wage subsidy, all the training costs assumed by Employment - Quebec and Revenu Québec
  • Discovered of a need for the training course, work out of training course.Final Outline.Contract Signature
  • Realization of the training course
  • Follow-up and trainee mentor wage.